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Whether it be in a commercial or the official intro to the show, we have all seen it at least once - the Nimbus cloud from Dragon Ball Z!  It flies high in the sky and faster then the speed of light.  Who would not want to ride it?  Well, thanks to todays innovative technologies and awesome inventions, riding the wind is now possible in real life!  At least sort of as a cosplay or Halloween costume.  Here's what you'll need to do it...

Electric Scooter Segway Hoverboard
Yellow Spray Paint
8oz Bag of Fiber Fill

It's pretty straight forward how it is made but can be quite tricky.  Once you get riding though, you'll be the coolest kid on the block!  Trust me on that, people love it.  You can see the full, detailed tutorial on how you too can ride the wind in the video above.  Enjoy!


Dragon Ball Z Electric Scooter Nimbus Cosplay
Dragon Ball Z Electric Scooter Nimbus Cosplay