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Raymond Strazdas YouTube Channel Icon 2016

Raymond Strazdas is an award-winning filmmaker, producer and digital media personality currently residing in New Jersey. With a great passion for entertainment, Raymond's desire to succeed is nothing short of fascinating. Through producing consistent, broadcast level content and working with countless top brands, Raymond has clearly established a name for himself and knows what it takes to keep an audience wanting more.

Samsung NX Camera Campaign - Raymond Strazdas

Raymond's excessive knowledge of nearly a dozen-industry standard programs including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, allow for endless possibilities, both in his videos and professional work.  As if maintaining a hectic schedule isn't enough, Raymond currently maintains and produces for three separate YouTube channels that have collected over 5 million unique views.  While it seems success can gained independently, Raymond has networked and collaborated with people who have very diverse backgrounds and hail from all corners of the world.  Along with this, Raymond has built an extensive portfolio of experience and professionalism within the industry through numerous opportunities.  To top it off, sites like Facebook and Twitter play a huge role in engaging Raymond's audience members from around the world.  Such social networking sites create an incredible bond between Raymond and his audience.

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