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Sting Ray Films is everywhere.

From posting accomplishments on Instagram to making the most of 6-seconds on Vine, Sting Ray Films has utilized emerging media platforms to the fullest for promotion and original content.  When we think about social media we think about sharing are lives with the world.  In a highly competitive space where technology continuously advances, doing just that has never easier.  As companies struggle to figure out the latest trends, we believe social media should be fun...not an effort.  That is why we post, edit and share on a daily basis, we love it.

Whether it be uploading a video or selling a product, presentation matters when sharing your content.  With this mindset, Social media has opened the doors for people like you and I to create our own experience when no one else gives you a chance.  The most successful online content creators have established an internet presence that many companies dream of having, all by themselves.  Mobile technology keeps our generation connected more than ever before and it has revolutionized the way we consume media.  As new platforms continue to emerge, you can be assured that Sting Ray Films will be right there to join the latest trend.  How do you promote your brand?