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Amiibo Alerts meets Sting Ray Films

Forces Collide.

If you collect amiibo, chances are you've heard of or even follow Amiibo Alerts.  They keep you up to date on the latest amiibo news, new character reveals and post when new figures go live online!  But until now, there is only ONE way that this popular news site hasn't been alerting you and that's through video!  Today I am super excited to announce that I will be the voice and producer of videos on the brand new Amiibo Alerts YouTube channel!

As you know, I am addicting to amiibo.  From collecting to hunting there is nothing more satisfying to me then getting ahold of the characters that you grew up with!  However, finding some of them is easier said then done.  I've camped, I've called stores - I know the struggle.  So together with Amiibo Alerts, I hope to make the hunt just a little bit easier for you.  We'll be hosting giveaways, showcasing the latest figures up close and alerting you when new figures are revealed!  This new journey is going to be tons of fun.  I am very excited about this and I hope you to!  Make sure to subscribe and follow us on our new YouTube channel for all the latest updates.  Happy hunting all!


My First Quadcopter | Flights, Flips and FAILS!

Ah the joys of getting a new gadget!  However, out of everything that I have tried this has to be THE best one yet!  It soars like a bird and is built like a's my very first quadcopter!  Having seen footage of drones and quadcopter's in action, I literally could NOT resist grabbing one.  It's tough at first getting used to the controls and you WILL crash at least once - especially if your a beginner - but fear not because these things are built to take a hit!  Also, please note that quads are much more advanced and professional grade then your average R/C helicopter, it even says on most of the manufacturer boxes that a quadcopter is NOT a toy.  Just a heads up if you plan on buying one.

So with that said, here's some footage from my first few flights...complete with flips, fails and even Barrel Rolls!  Yes, you can even do tricks in the air!  Watch the video above to see my brand new Hubsan X4 107C in action - Star Fox style!

WWE Tough Enough 2015 Audition - Raymond Strazdas | #RayisToughEnough

It's been a long time coming!  Given my past and history especially online, the one question that I have consistently been asked over the past couple of weeks has been...will you be auditioning for WWE Tough Enough?  My answer to that question could only be one thing...YES!!  I am happy to announce that I am officially throwing my name into the ring to be a competitor on the upcoming season of WWE Tough Enough!  I know how physically and mentally demanding taking this will be if I make it but trust me when I say, I am 100% READY to conquer.

If you believe I have what it takes to be the next WWE Superstar, please take a look at my audition video above and share it with the hashtag #RayisToughEnough.  The more people we get to see and join in our campaign the better.  This is the moment not I but WE have waited for...I know it, I feel it.  It's time for something new in the WWE and together we can show the world who truly is Tough Enough.


My Top 5 FAVORITE Nintendo Amiibo Figures!

As you know, Nintendo's amiibo figures have been wildly successful since launch.  While many commons like Mario and Yoshi can be found anywhere, others such as Lucario and Rosalina barely sit make it to store shelves.  The hunt to find and get ahold of these figures has formed an entire community around amiibo.  They are what I like to call the Beanie Babies of 2015.  There's no denying people love these things and whether it's to collect or to sell for profit, Nintendo struck everyone with bringing it's classic characters to life.  Even preorders don't last for more than 10 minutes once they go live!  But with so many amiibo out there already, it's tough to choose one that can be called a favorite.  Out of all the amiibo I have unboxing/reviewed, it was difficult to come to a conclusion.  However, I narrowed down my choices to my TOP 5 and even choose a favorite at number ONE!  Check out the video above to see my list!  Happy hunting fellow amiigos!