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Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Headphones Review

I received the Kinivo BTH240 headphones for review a few weeks back and in short, they have become my new personal favorite pair of workout headphones.  Besides the price being so cheap - they are also very comfortable, sound great and the best part is that you don't have to worry about tugging or pulling on wires!  Those that go to the gym often will know why this is a huge selling point!  For only $25, there really is not much more you can ask for from a pair of headphones.  The price to feature ratio is among one of the best that I have seen out of all the products I have reviewed over the years.

When using the BTH240, the headphone seemlessly pairs and streams music instantly to your device.  I am currently using it with an iPhone 5 and have yet to experience a hiccup in the connection.  For a "cheap" headphone, these are actually built pretty solid and can definitely take a bump or two.  However, if you are used to using more expensive headphones, these will most likely feel fragile to you at first.  But again, any negative is instantly turned into a positive given the price tag.

So enough talking about the headphone, you probably want to see it in action...right?  Please feel free to check out my video review of the Kinivo BTH240 embedded at the top of this post.  If you like it, my YouTube channel has plenty more just for you!


The COOLEST Toy EVER!? Meet the Mario Kart 8 Wall Climber!

It takes a lot for something to be considered "cool" especially when it comes to toys.  But when those toys climb walls and drives on ceilings, it is very hard NOT to be considered "cool".  In the latest line up of Nintendo merchandise, Mario Kart 8 Wall Climbers have become a reality defying every ounce of gravity just like in the game!  Yes, they literally drive upside down!  Don't believe me?  Check out my latest video for proof.

Rather then using adhesives to stay on the wall, these Wall Climber's have a built in vacuum that allows them to stay put and move freely...just be warned - if the battery begins to run out, prepare to catch.  There is a built-in rechargeable battery in each climber that is charged via the included controller and it lasts for a good half hour or so...pretty neat.  The current line up of Wall Climber's consists of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi with more on the way!  (Hopefully Bowser gets one).  This has to be, hands-down the coolest thing I ever played with and it is something anyone will find incredibly fun!  For a retail price of only $20, this thing is a steal of a deal and sure to be a collectors item your gonna want to hang onto.


Nintendo 3DS XL NES Edition Unboxing & Overview

What happens when you bring back the NES in 2014?  You get this beautiful limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL!  With the release of the Super Smash Bros. edition 3DS (which we also have a video on) only two weeks prior, it is clear that Nintendo has been on a hot streak as of late releasing gorgeous new designs for its handheld lineup.  However, the console is not the only thing that is a part of this limited edition package.  As you can see, the box itself is designed just like an original NES system complete with A/V ports on the side!  Just don't go try and plug it in to play it...

Unlike other versions of the 3DS, this NES version is sure to pull at your heart strings due to the classic vibe it gives off.  Think of the system as the controller and the box as the console - its got everything the original Nintendo Entertainment System came with!  Be sure to check out the video above to see this beautiful limited edition 3DS XL in all its glory!  Hope you enjoy!

Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS XL: An EPIC Super SMASHING Comparison!

The holiday season is quickly approaching which means questions like "What should I get?" will be asked.  In this weeks video, I answer one of the most highly requested questions I have been asked - Nintendo 2DS or 3DS XL.  Although really all comes down to a matter of preference, which one is better?  Today, the Nintendo 2DS takes on its larger brother...the 3DS XL in an EPIC super smashing comparison!  Check out the video above to learn all the details about each system and what makes each so unique!