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Beats Solo 2 vs. Audio-Technica M50x Hands-On Comparison

When you walk into a store you see tons of items on the shelves, whether it be food or clothing, you will always be comparing things to buy.  But when it comes to headphones, things get a little more tricky.  Usually the pair you purchase will be more expensive and you will be using quite often, maybe even daily at the gym.  When your out and about seeking the perfect pair of headphones for yourself, remember that they are all completely different and serve completely different purposes.  Today we examine that theory with two of the most popular, competitively priced headphones...the Beats by Dre Solo 2's and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.

Having an MSRP of under $200, both of these headphones are strategically priced with the budget consumer in mind.  But don't let that turn you away from considering the Beats Solo 2's or the Audio-Technica M50x's, they both pack a huge punch when it comes to performance.  Check out my latest video to learn everything these two headphones have to offer.

Samsung NX30 Mirrorless Camera Hands-On

As the days go by, technology comes to get more and more advanced.  Smartphones get more powerful, TV's get thinner and computers get faster.  But that has not always been the case in the consumer camera market.  Over the years, which each new entry, DSLR's have hardly introduced anything new.  As the aging technology continues to lay in its comfort zone, many manufacturers have turned their focus on the future, mirrorless camera systems.  Meet one of them, the brand new Samsung NX30.

Now when it comes to photo and video, Samsung may not be a name that comes to mind but when it comes to electronics, it's one of the biggest companies on the planet.  Utilizing the success and features of the Galaxy brand, the NX30 is a powerful prosumer camera that delivers higher performance then some the leading camera manufacturers.  So what is this camera all about?  Check out the video above to learn all about the brand NX30 and what it is capable of!

Beats by Dre Solo 2 Unboxing & Review

Dr. Dre is at it again and this time, the Beats crew got it right! After only a few months since their last revision, the Solo line-up gets its biggest refresh to date with the Solo 2's.  Being redesigned from the ground up, the Solo 2 offers robust sound quality (yes, sound quality) in a very sleek and well-constructed package.  Over the years, Beats have been known to be "overrated celebrity headphones" mainly associated with being a trendy fashion statement.  With the Solo 2's, that all changes.

Not only do these newly redesigned Solo's offer more durability but they also seriously pick up in sound quality and finally feel like a premium product.  Now that we have the headphones in hand, let's give them a test drive.  Find my full unboxing and review of the brand new Beats Solo 2's in the video above!  Trust me when I say, these are the best pair of Beats headphones to date.

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5 Years in 5 Minutes: A YouTube Journey

As the years go by, you eventually come across something that interests you.  Sometimes it fades away, sometimes it stays with you forever.  Once you discover your passion, there is nothing that can stop your desire to succeed.  That is exactly what happened when I discovered YouTube.  So here's a little story.

In the past, I never really enjoyed doing much besides playing video games...especially Mario Kart 64.  The quirky and comical nature of Nintendo games has been throughly engraved in my mind over the years and has greatly inspired a lot of my work.  When I first started searching things up in 2008 on the internet and watching others, I said to myself "I could do better then this".  Enter the new year 2009 and within about 2 weeks of graduating high school, the beloved XBWF series was born.  Since then I have taught myself, practiced and learned from my mistakes in the video production process.  I made a commitment to myself and you, to create high quality entertainment and achieve a dream.  Over the years, I've gained a number of opportunities, won awards and learned so many new things both professionally and personally.  I would certainly not trade this experience for the world.  With that being said, I really hope you enjoy this montage I put together of over 500 videos that I produced from 2009-2014.  Here's to the future of bringing ideas to life and making dreams reality!  There is no quit in sight.

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