New Video! Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS: An EPIC Comparison - Which is BEST for Super Smash Bros? Watch Now

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Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS: An EPIC Comparison

Every once and while, we are faced with making some very difficult decisions.  Some could be frustrating or some could just be a matter of preference.  When it comes to handhelds, especially gaming hardware, even the littlest of things such as the color come down to personal taste.  Luckily for you, Nintendo has you covered with a variety of options (actually a ton) with its 3DS!  From a tablet-inspired entry level 2DS to a gigantic-sized 3DS XL, you'll never run out of ways to play Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart in style.

Luigi's ULTIMATE Death Stare Compilation!

We've all seen Luigi's "Death Stare" circulating around the web since the release of Mario Kart 8.  But the real question is why?  Why did such an innocent and lovely character turn so evil?  That may be something we may never find the answer to...

However with these recent events, we've illustrated some of the best encounters we've had with Mario's younger sibling out on the track!  Trust me, he didn't take us lightly.

LEAKED iPhone 6 Keynote Trailer 2014

It's that time of the year again.  Apple is set to reveal its brand new iPhone 6 to the world.  But this year, Apple may have something different up its sleeve and we may have gotten a look at it ahead of time.  In the age of the internet, even the most popular products cannot escape being revealed prior to their official announcement.  In this case we're able to see that Apple has been quite busy in recent months.  Dubbed the "EyePhone 6", this leaked video features an Apple Communications Specialist reveals an iPhone that takes on a completely new design.

Along with the new "EyePhone" the video also shows a companion device that is used to accompany the newly-designed phone.  If you want to take a look at the next generation iPhone ahead of the official announcement, the leaked video can be found above.  This is a very newsworthy piece of material that shows that Apple still has innovation to create and design beautiful technology.

Quest Protein Chips Giveaway!

Everyday we crave the things that satisfy us most and nine times out of ten, those guilty pleasures  usually entail eating foods that are bad for us.  Whether it be cake, cookies or even potato chips, it typically is difficult to resist these tasty treats.  Unfortunately, if you are on a diet or looking to get results while working out, it is extremely important to stay away from these types of foods.  There really is no healthy alternative to satisfying your cravings...until now.  Meet the brand new Protein Chips from Quest Nutrition!

As you may know, +Quest Nutrition is known for making incredibly tasty and healthy treats with all the benefits of your typical snacks.  That is no expectation with their newest product, the Quest Protein Chips.  As the name states, these Protein Chips were made from the ground up to construct a healthy and filling snack that satisfies your cravings.  They taste so much like regular chips that you can almost not even tell the difference between them and a regular bag of chips.  Having been just recently released, I was able to get my hands on a few bags of the Quest Protein Chips and create a review/taste test video to share with you.  Be sure to drop a quick comment on YouTube with the hashtag #IAMONAQUEST for a chance to win some Protein Chips straight from the awesome folks at Quest Nutrition!