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Gemr: The Social Network for Collectors PLUS Lucina & Sheik Amiibo Giveaway!

Ever want to share your collections or hobbies with the world and talk to like-minded enthusiasts with the same passion?  This brand new site is for you.  Meet Gemr, a social network just for collectors! 

Being a collector and avid amiibo hunter myself, I am super excited to partner with Gemr on an exclusive giveaway that is available just for those who watch my videos!  The best part?  We'll be giving away not one but TWO amiibo in the form of Lucina and Sheik!  Sound intriguing?  It definitely is and I am pretty sure you will enjoy using this new site in the process!  To enter, all you have to do is create a Gemr account via the link below and upload at least one photo of any of your's that easy.  Simply follow the links below to get started with the growing Gemr community and enter this exclusive giveaway! 

Sign up for Gemr and upload a photo via the link HERE to enter -
Add me on Gemr -

Best of luck to all! Until next time,


Self Balancing Electric Scooter DIY Bumpers

By now you've probably seen the self balancing two wheeled electric scooters.  They are everywhere and taking the world by storm!  However as fun as these things are to ride they suffer from one slight problem - they scratch and mark up SO easily.  Fortunately for those who love riding segway boards, there is an easy, inexpensive fix for this with DIY bumpers!

What I did was pick up a 3/8" Cowles Custom auto chrome molding set ($10 at Auto Zone) to put a layer between the paint and the ground if it rolls over.  Not only will this protect the board itself but it also makes it look even more amazing then it does.  I can't get over how awesome my gold one looks with this trim on it.  Just take a look at the photo below and video above to see a full tutorial and what kind of wonders this simple trick can do for your electric scooter.   


The Two Wheel Electric Segway Scooter Board!

Could this be the COOLEST thing EVER!?  Meet the Two Wheel Electric Segway Scooter Board!  By now you have probably seen Viner's, YouTuber's and even celebrities riding these boards...but how are they?  I finally got my hands on one of these to go in-depth and test it out for myself!  Check out the video above to learn everything you need to know about this innovative board that looks like something straight out of the Star Wars Universe.

Trust me when I say, this board is a GAME CHANGER!  The future is here early!

The EPIC 20,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

The time has come!  As promised, whenever 5,000 new subscribers join our community a giveaway will occur and it just so happens we are about to hit 20,000 subscribers on YouTube!

First and foremost I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who tune in to watch my videos every day.  Honestly it means the world to me and these giveaways are a great way for me to give back.  If you don't know the rules to enter, they are quite simple.  he more I see your name - whether it be on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - the better.  If you already comment and interact on new videos and posts, you are already entered to win!  Interaction is key, it's that simple.  So if you follow along already you have absolutely nothing to worry about - I know your names.  Here's what the 20K subscriber giveaways prizes will be...

• Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Headphones & an amiibo - in Box (First Place)
• Captain Falcon amiibo - Brand NEW in Box (Second Place)

This giveaway will END when my channel hits 20,000 subscribers...which could be any day now.  So if you want to enter into this giveaway, you better enter quick!  A great way to enter into this is to leave a comment on the official announcement video live stream embedded above.  Everything you need to know and more is right there.  Once again, thank you very much for your support and best of luck to all!