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Starbucks Holiday Board Meeting 2015 | How We Came UP with the Red CUP

The holiday season is officially upon us!  Which means homes will be decorated, gifts will be purchased and hot chocolate will be sipped by a warm fire.  But there is also something else that people look forward to this time of year - the annual Starbucks Holiday Cup.  It has become as much a part of the yearly tradition as setting up a Christmas tree.  People really look forward to it and this year the team is coming together once again to reveal an all-new design!

It is a meeting of the minds at the annual Starbucks executive board meeting.  What will happen when the team gets together to present and launch a new design?  Check out the video above to see what happened when they came up with the Red Cup!

The 2015 Christmas Cup is Here
The 2015 Christmas Cup is Here...and it's Red

LG Gram Official Commercial 2015 | The LIGHTEST Windows 10 Laptop Experiment

Finding the right laptop that fits your every need is difficult.  Some want raw power, while others will focus more on design and portability.  With so many brands and models available, it really is tough to make a final decision.  But until now, one major company has remained absent in this field and thus hasn't been an option for consumers - at least in the United States.  Say hello to the brand new Gram by LG.

Weighing only about 2lbs, the Gram is one of the lightest 14" laptops on the market today.  It's even lighter then the Macbook Air.  With options to sport an i5 or i7 processor along with 8GB of DDR3 RAM by default, the Gram certainly doesn't lack in performance either.  Being so thin and light, it really is surprising how much this little laptop can handle.  The Gram is impressive and we just so happened to produce an official commercial for it just in time for the holiday season!  You can see the brand new LG Gram in all its glory in the video above.  Enjoy!

The ULTIMATE Tournament Begins in
Ray rescues the LG Gram from the failed experiment

The Stay: A Halloween Thriller | Enter the Cabin in the Woods

It's finally here! The highly anticipated yearly Halloween video series is back and the bar has now been set high...very high. Introducing The Stay: A Halloween Thriller, a short film produced at YouTube Space New York on an incredible "cabin in the woods" set that was designed specifically for creating Halloween videos.  We got the opportunity to shoot on the set at the end of September and were able to bring this incredible project to life!  If you're prepared to experience it for yourself, you can watch the full film above.

The Stay: A Halloween Thriller is a short film about a man who goes up north to visit his friends for their yearly Halloween party.  On the way up, the man suffers a deadly car accident and is later found deep in the woods by a local resident who brings him in to heal up in his nearby cabin.  What will happen when the man ends up spending the nigh?

The ULTIMATE Tournament Begins in
An EPIC Thriller Unfolds in "The Stay"

The Application Process: A Tournament of Candidates | The Tournament Begins

It's OFFICIAL! Halloween month is BACK on my channel! Each Sunday during the month of October, a new short film will be live at 8pm EST! First up we kick things off with the launch of our web series...The Application Process!

The Application Process: A Tournament of Candidates is a short film series about 4 recent graduates, all friends, who are currently on the job hunt. From applying to interviewing, they have done it all to try and obtain greatness but little do they know, this time around they all are interviewing and competing for the same job! In the final stages of the application process, the hiring manager puts the candidates through one final test - a tournament where they must compete against one another for the job each of them so desperately wants. The ULTIMATE tournament begins now. Who will prevail?

The ULTIMATE Tournament Begins in
The ULTIMATE Tournament Begins in "The Application Process"