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PAX East 2016 Recap | An EPIC Boston Adventure!

This past weekend, we took a trip up to Boston to cover the largest video game convention on the east coast - PAX East! When opportunity strikes you take it and what an AWESOME experience it was. From new games to new friends, PAX was everything I expected it to be and more...including the endless hours of walking everyday!

But what I love most about conventions like PAX is that they bring people together through a similar interest. I love playing video games and so do millions of other people. Conventions like this are a great way to connect with others. So without wasting time, here is my experience at the latest gaming con! Enjoy a collection of photos and video from PAX East 2016.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

PAX East 2016 - Boston, Massachusetts

Miitomo Review & Gameplay | Nintendo's FIRST Mobile App!

For years, Nintendo has strayed away from releasing games on mobile devices.  As popular as smartphones and tablets have become they are notorious for lacking when it comes to playing full-fledged video games.  From touch screen controls to the small screen real estate, it really takes some time getting used to.  But that hasn't stopped some of the top names in the industry from developing to try to bring the gaming experience on the go.  Now in 2016, Nintendo has finally decided to join in the mobile gaming revolution.

Meet Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile app for iOS and Android.  Rather than focusing on creating a game, Nintendo went with something smartphones and tablets are good at - connecting with friends.  Miitomo is not a game but rather a social network utilizing Mii characters and it is a surprisingly addicting one.  Check out the videos above to see gameplay, first impressions and a FULL review of Miitomo now live on YouTube!  What do you think of Nintendo's first app?

Until next time,

Miitomo running on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 =
Miitomo running on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

YouTube NextUp 2016  | Raymond Strazdas

For over six years I have actively been producing content online.  It's been a long and crazy journey, but to say it changed my life would be an understatement.  From new friends to new opportunities I wouldn't have even thought to be possible, I am so very grateful for every second of this amazing adventure.  Now, it's time to take all of this to the next level.  I am super excited to announce that I am officially throwing myself into the mix to try to be a part of YouTube NextUp 2016!

As the name implies, the NextUp program finds the next big creators on YouTube.  A lot of successful people have come out of this program and it truly is a great feeling to even be considered for it.  In honor of this, enjoy a brand new channel trailer (shared above) that I created and used as my entry into the contest.  It's dynamic, fast paced, high energy and perfectly represents everything that I do.  I hope you enjoy my new trailers and I cannot thank each of you for your amazing support!

This is only the beginning of great things to come my friends!


Nintendo New York Grand Re-Opening Tour!

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Nintendo.  The company is looking to take their brand to the next level in 2016 and they are starting things off with their flagship retail store in New York City!  The popular store called "Nintendo World" has been reimagined to Nintendo New York - a place where people can play.  The new store is sleek, simple and will hit you right in the feels.  With classic music playing and merchandise of popular characters everywhere, Nintendo New York shows you exactly what Nintendo is all about.  Creating a memorable experience.

To kick-off the grand re-opening, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, various Nintendo Executives and fans alike were on-hand to celebrate.  The new Nintendo New York store opened on February 19, 2016 and I was there to catch all of the action first hand!  See photos and videos from the event right here.



Nintendo New York Grand Opening!!