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Meet Mevo The Live Event Camera

Meet Mevo The Live Event Camera. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably have seen me posting quite a bit about this little camera lately. It is a true game changer for streaming and video production. Not only does it offer real-time editing via the free iPhone app but it also works as a multi-camera setup for streaming! What once required gigantic hardware to accomplish can now be done in this tiny package. Hard to believe little things like this are capable of such performance, eh?

Mevo Live Event Camera
Mevo Live Event Camera

How it works is actually pretty simple. The lens is a super wide angle similar to a Go Pro (without the fisheye effect) and the app on your iPhone allows you to select certain parts of the frame. This makes it seem as if you are switching and editing between multiple different cameras. If you are familiar with TV studios and professional production setups you will know very well how this works. Mevo did a tremendous job putting this camera together, it does what it advertises very well. So why waste any more time? Take a look at the video above to learn everything you need to know about the new Mevo camera and see it in action!

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff on the way!

How to Create & EDIT 360 Virtual Reality Video!

No matter how you look at it, Virtual Reality and 360 video is the future of video production. So many large companies are backing the technology and innovating in this new space for supremacy. Remember, no matter how high the resolution on a computer monitor or TV screen gets, there will always be a "glass ceiling" on innovation and that ceiling can easily be shatter by giving audiences the ability to interact with the content they are watching. Virtual Reality and 360 video is a huge step in the right direction towards making this happen because now anyone can create it.

Kodak SP360 4K NYC Video Test
Kodak SP360 4K NYC Video Test

From 360 degree cameras to virtual reality headsets, new technology is popping up each and everyday giving people the ability to escape reality and hop into virtual worlds. Luckily, not only is VR an immersive viewing experience but it is also a simple experience to create content for. If you know how to edit video, basically all you need is an idea and a 360 camera - it just involves two to three extra steps. If you are interested in learning to create 360 VR content, check out my full tutorial via the video above. I am also giving away a virtual reality headset courtesy of DeePoon VR so make sure you're subscribed to the channel for a chance to win it!

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff on the way!

Pokémon GO Adventures Tips & Tricks

Pokémon Go. It's only been out for a few weeks and it has taken the world by storm. When I say storm, I mean a hurricane level storm. This game is everywhere. From the middle of no where to the center of Times Square, no matter where you go you see people trying to catch Pokémon. Pokémon Go is everything we've dreamt of as children and more!

Going around catching and battling with Pokémon you befriend truly makes this game feel like a real life journey. Which is what makes it so compelling. Although there is a competitive aspect in joining a team and taking over gyms, like anything in the Pokémon series, it does something magical - it brings people together. Anytime you go out, you're guaranteed to see large groups of people hanging out playing the game. It gets people talking, communicating and adventuring out of their typical element. Just be smart and safe on your adventures!

Enjoy some new Pokémon Go videos on my channel showcasing the game and everything it does!

Pokemon Go Team Instinct
Pokémon Go Team Instinct

E3 2016 Recap & Highlights!

As many of you know, this last week I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Electronic Entertainment Expo convention (better known as E3). Attending or being a part of an E3 has always been something on my bucket list and this year it became a reality. With so many new friends made and games played, spending this week out in Los Angeles was honestly every bit the highlight I expected it to be. Some cool things from the show that we got to go hands-on with included Playstation VR, the new Xbox One Slim and one of the biggest games of the event...Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! All of which are nothing but HYPE!

E3 2016

Although the days of E3 2016 have come and gone the memories will no doubt last a lifetime. It's been a crazy first experience and luckily, I captured it ALL for you to enjoy! Be sure to check out the video above and the others on my channel to see this years E3 in all of its glory! Thank you so much once again to Nintendo for this incredible opportunity. Until next year E3, it's been real!

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff on the way!

Fat Chocobo Final Fantasy XIV at E3
Final Fantasy XIV Fat Chocobo at E3 2016