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Nintendo #SwitchinItUp Collab Announcement

Ever want to be a part of a video? Well, here is YOUR chance!

 Now that the Nintendo Switch has launched and a lot of people have their hands on it, I figured this would be the perfect time for a collaboration project!

Whether you have a Switch or not, I want to know where YOU are currently, or planning to, Switch It Up!  An example of a line you could say is "Hi, my name is Jim and I am Switching It Up in Albuquerque, New Mexico".  Obviously you would change it up to your name and location.  My only recommendation for this would be to turn your phone sideways so you record in widescreen.  Other than that, it is fair game!  It is super easy and takes less than 10 seconds.  I hope you are able to join in this exciting project that I am planning to launch in early to mid-April!

 Please send your videos to @raystrazdas on any social media site or via email to!

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Nintendo Switch Hands On Preview Event

We are only a little over two weeks into the new year and 2017 shows no signs of slowing down!  Hot off of the heels of an incredible trip to Las Vegas for CES, Nintendo has invited me to get a glimpse of their latest console the Switch! Being a huge Nintendo fan, this was such an honor. The company is known to always try new things to push forward so new Nintendo consoles always exciting.

During my time at the event, I had the unique opportunity to go hands on with some of the most anticipated titles including Sonic Mania, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Surprisingly, during gameplay the Switch felt extremely solid and very well built despite it's thin and light profile. The new Joy Con controllers were very comfortable to use. If you are looking to see the Nintendo Switch in action...look no further then videos on my channel! I did my absolute best to capture anything and everything that I could. Enjoy photos and videos from the event right here in this post!

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Nintendo Switch Event in New York City - January 2017
The BEST of CES 2017 | Cars, Drones & More!

The holidays have come and gone. However, we all know the real holiday comes for us techies after the actual holidays are over. By that I mean the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES.  This conference is where thousands of people from all over the world flock to Las Vegas to discover the latest in tech from the worlds largest brands.  This is my second year attending and I could not be more excited to be a part of the future!

Just a word of advice, if you plan on attending in the future - here's a pro tip - wear comfortable walking shoes!  You may not believe it but events like this are kind of physically demanding.  With exhibits spread throughout multiple convention centers across multiple destinations, getting to your destination can be a hike.  Keep that mind.  But in the mean time until CES 2018 kicks off, enjoy some videos I created from CES 2017 or check out the album of photos on my Flickr page! Stay tuned for a lot more on the way!

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CES 2017 - Consumer Electronics Show
Lenny & Larry's Christmas Adventure!

It has become somewhat of a yearly tradition. The Christmas video. Every year I tend to produce a short film that revolves around celebrating Christmas and being festive. This year is no different. Get ready for Lenny and Larry's Christmas Adventure! This film, produced at YouTube Space New York, follows the story of the grandchildren of Ebenezer Scrooge who need a miracle to save their theatre from bankruptcy. After many failed attempts, they are visited by the same three beings their grandfather was enlightened by. The two brothers attempt to find the perfect person to complete their play and create the musical play of a lifetime. Can they do it in time for Christmas?

YouTube Space New York Universal SING Shoot Raymond Strazdas
Well, I am happy to announce you can find out right now! Despite some technical difficulties during post production, the film is now complete! You can watch it now on my YouTube channel or embedded above. This film was shot in collaboration with Universal for their awesome new movie SING! What a fun shoot this was! I hope everyone has a phenomenal holiday season and a VERY Merry Christmas! We are ending 2016 on a high note and I have a feeling 2017 is going to be full of epic new adventures!

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