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Noontec Zoro II HD Unboxing & Review

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes with sound quality mainly being a factor that determines which ones are worth our hard earned dollar.  So what happens when you pack great sound inside a flashy design?  You get the new Noontec Zoro II HD headphones. With a price tag of only $99, these vibrant cans aim to become the first budget "audiophile" headset.  Although Noontec is not a well known brand, these headphones seriously impress and are definitely worth considering.  Check out my full review of the Zoro II HD in the video above.  Enjoy!

My Amiibo Collection

Nintendo's amiibo figures are addicting to collect and fun to hunt down!  Some are also...VERY difficult to find.  In my opinion, amiibo have basically become the 2015 version of Pokemon cards.  Remember buying so many packs trying to get Charizard?

However, unlike trading cards, there isn't even a chance to get a hold of some amiibo without paying ridiculous prices online.  The problem mainly lies mainly in the stock.  Obviously, popular characters such as Mario will get more and less popular such as Captain Falcon will get less.  So putting that all aside, which one's was I able to find over the past few weeks?  It certainly wasn't easy to assemble my collection!  Check out the video above to catch the action and let me know your experience with amiibo.  Did you get the one you wanted?  Do you have a favorite?  I would love to know!

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How BIG is the iPhone 6 Plus?

There's no denying the iPhone 6 Plus is big phone.  But how big is it when you compare it to older siblings like the iPhone 5/5S and the iPad Mini?  Having just recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus I can safely say that the size is perfect.  Although it will take sometime to get used to, the 6 Plus offers something no previous iPhone model has - a beautiful, big screen.  It really is a pleasure to view and it no longer forces you to squint to read smaller text.

Now that I have multiple iOS devices in hand, I thought it would be great to produce a video and compare the iPhone 6 Plus to the previous generation iPhone 5 and original iPad Mini.  The video has been embedded above for your viewing pleasure...I hope you enjoy it!  If you have a 6 Plus, I would love to know what you think of it.  Do you like the phone?  Do you think it is too big?  Let me know by dropping a comment on the video or tweeting me @RayStrazdas.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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The Quest to Save Mario: A Christmas Adventure

This years annual Christmas video is here and Mario is in trouble!  The heroic plumber has fallen into the depths of the Christmas attic bins simply becoming a holiday decoration.  Can Mario's pals from the Nintendo Universe rescue him from his misery or will they fall victim to the same fate?  Find out in this EPIC, intense adventure your not gonna want to miss!  Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.