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Instagram Hyperlapse App Review & Video Sample

Today, Instagram took us by surprise introducing it's brand new "Hyperlapse" video app.  Unlike previous updates to the Instagram app, Hyperlapse is a stand alone app in itself that has the ability to share smooth and cinematic quality video right from your phone!  So now that the app is live on the iOS app store (Android is coming soon), I had the opportunity to spend some time with "Hyperlapse" and give it a try.  The results are incredible.  Just have a look at the video I shot below with the app.

In an generation where smartphone cameras are limited with a built-in image stabilization system, Hyperlapse tries something new and utilizes the built-in gyroscopes in your iPhone to produce a smooth looking video.  In my experience, I have noticed that this makes a huge difference in the quality of your video.  Not only does it look more professional but it looks like it was shot on a $10,000 camera and not a smartphone.  Hyperlapse is truly a game-changer for mobile video users and opens the door up to even more limitless possibilities.  As a video producer, I know I will be addicted to this app and using it quite often!  The only minor problem I see is that it will be difficult to mount your smartphone for epic shots.  This would definitely be an incredible feature on, say, a Go Pro.  None-the-less, Hyperlapse gets my stamp of approval and I highly recommend you check it out if you have an iOS device.


Sting Ray Films meets Patreon

We all have a dream on our mind.  Some pursue them, others let them fade away.  Personally, I like to motivate everyone to get up and go after what they love.  Granted it is no easy task but the challenge is the thrill of the journey.  That is why I consistently am creating and uploading content - because I love to do it.  Picking up a camera and just filming whatever is on your mind is truly incredible.  I would not have gained any of the experience that I have, had I never started producing YouTube videos.  That is the concept behind my next biggest project - where we all can pursue our dreams together.  Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you to my first-ever Patreon campaign!

Now your probably thinking "what in the world is Patreon?".  In short, Patreon is a brand new website that is used to support your favorite online content creators.  What's unique about Patreon is that, unlike Kickstarter, it allows you to be a part of EVERY single project and not just one.  BUT it does not end there - rather then making this campaign all about improving my content, I designed so you have a chance to be a part of it.  Remember, we all pursue our dreams together.  Although we all have different interests and hobbies, I believe this Patreon campaign will allow me to connect with you like never before.  This is definitely something I am very excited about and this is our chance to create history and leave a legacy.

If you would like to take a look at my Patreon page to view all of the perks and tiers available please follow the link below.  If there is any questions or any perks you would like to see added, feel free to get in touch with me!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The Ice Bucket Challenge.  We've seen our friends be nominated, celebrities be nominated and even random people on the street dumping buckets of ice cold water over their heads.  This may seem like an awkward trend that is all for fun and games, but it is actually all for a great cause.  Although dumping water over your head may not cure a disease, the trend has gone viral enough to fund ALS research for years.  Every so often something good like this comes along to raise awareness and the ice bucket challenge is one of those things that is for the greater good.

Now I was not an exception to this challenge.  I was nominated by quite a few people to dump an ice cold bucket of water over my head.  Naturally, I never deny or turn down a challenge from anyone and this was actually really fun to do - especially on a hot summer night.  With that being said, I invite you to take a look at how this challenge all went down in the video above!  If your up for it, I suggest you go outside and dump a bucket of water over your head...or just go donate to the ALS research fund.  There is so much more to this then just dumping a cold bucket of water.  

Tweet me your ice bucket challenge video - @RayStrazdas - also be sure to stay tuned as I have so many more surprises planned for the rest of summer!

Panasonic LX7 Hands-On: A Mountain Adventure

As you set out on an adventure, you want to make sure you capture all of those unforgettable moments.  Whether your hiking a mountain, traveling the world or just exploring your backyard you have to make sure you have the ability to adjust to your settings in a split second.  Although many of us rely heavily on our smartphones, they are not really the best for photography given that they are all auto controlled with limited manual functions.  With that being said, I went on a search to find a high-end point and shoot camera that offers DSLR-like quality in a small body.  What I found was the feature-filled Panasonic Lumix LX7 digital camera.

Built in a solid metal enclosure, the LX7 is one of those things you just love to carry around.  The design has that retro look to it which gives off the vibe of a vintage camera.  The build quality is one of the best I have seen on a camera in this price range and it is definitely built to take some hits.  Unlike the competition, the LX7 comes loaded with an incredibly sharp 24mm Leica lens that opens its aperture all the way up to f/1.4.  Even wide open, the LX7 takes some stunning images and video.  Now that I was able to spend some time with Panasonic's latest digital camera, I thought it would be a good idea to take it out on a hike through the mountains!  What a better way to test it's capabilities and durability then an adventure through the woods.  How did it hold up?  Check out my latest video above to check out the Panasonic LX7 in action!