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How to Install Gameboy, GBA, DS & PSP Emulators on iOS 8.3

Finally! Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP have become available on the latest iPhone software...iOS 8.3!  Besides being able to enjoy those retro classics again, the best part about this is...absolutely NO jailbreaking is required!  But that's not all, you can even play a mobile version of Super Smash Bros.!  Say what!?  This is heart-pounding excitement!

At first, this all seems to good to be true but it truly isn't!  Having just updated my iPhone 6+ from iOS 8.1 to 8.3 with these emulators installed, I can confirm that this process works just fine!  So if retro games are your thing, take a look at the tutorial video above.  I promise you'll be out on an adventure and get catching Pokemon again in just a few minutes!

MunchPak Unboxing, Review & LIVE Taste Test!

When snacks show up to your door every month, it sounds like a dream come true for some and thanks to a new service called's possible!  Offering a box full of munchies from all around the world, MunchPak is certainly a great way to expand your eating habits and try new things.  So how do these unique snacks taste?  Are monthly snacks to your door a good idea?  It's that time of the month and a new MunchPak has arrived so let's dive in and find out!

The Birth of a Sith: A Star Wars Fan Film

The wait is OVER! My video for the 2015 Star Wars Fan Films Awards has finally arrived...prepare for the adventure of a lifetime set in a galaxy far, far away!  The Birth of a Sith is a short film series that follows the story of Anakin Skywalker's childhood friend, Ramunas.  Being a well-known, trustworthy and experience pilot, Anakin allows Ramunas to use his Starfighter to travel throughout the galaxy freely whenever he wants.  But it wasn't until Anakin's sudden disappearance during his Jedi training that Ramunas took matter into his own hands to try and find his longtime friend.  What lies ahead for this young pilot?  Find out in the first episode of the Birth of a Sith!

IPS All Natural Egg White Chips Review

Finding the perfect snack to fill you up can be a difficult task but luckily a new brand called IPS, Intelligent Protein Snacks for short, may have you covered!  By creating a chip made of natural protein from egg whites, IPS has created something healthy and unique that has never been done before.  They don't even taste like eggs!  The chips are light, the flavors are tasty and eating a single bag leaves you feeling great with no bloating.  So could these be the perfect chips?  We go hands on with the brand new IPS All Natural Egg White Protein Chips!  Check out the video above to see our review.